Brooding On

You May Just Fall in Love

Here at the farm, we've definitely fallen for our new egg packaging labels.


Our research into egg sales' laws has been enlightening, to say the least (more on this topic later).  In trying to do everything "by the book," we determined that some new labeling was in order. 

Our eggs need to bear our farm name, address, and the label "ungraded."  Writing all of this onto every carton would be far too labor intensive.  So, we figured: if we are going to print a label, why not include some other fun elements?


It's still our same, great eggs inside -- they've just got a bit of a snazzier look! 


**Some notes for those of you who are donating your used store-bought cartons: 

 We do still appreciate your help!  We will continue to use donated cartons and will affix our new labels to those cartons as well. 

While we won't turn them away, we use 18-count cartons only as a last resort.  They don't stack well in my fridge(s) and we only sell by the dozen.


Happy Valentine's Day!