Brooding On

DIY Goat Shelter

Here's a riddle for you:    What's better than completing a big project and crossing it off the to-do list?

Answer:  Getting the project done for ZERO DOLLARS!


Pallets are so wonderful.  So is this guy.  He paid a visit to our pallet pile and scrap pile and came up with a plan for this new cozy goat shelter.  And, then, he built it.  Just like that.  Yep.  Wonderful.  


The pallets and a few other boards create the frame that is covered all around with scrap metal.  The end result is a 4'x8' cozy space where the ladies can cuddle up during the cold months ahead.  


It may not look like much to you.  But, this project that is COMPLETE and cost ZERO DOLLARS and turns scrap into something useful is absolutely beautiful to me!