Brooding On

Oreo Is Taking Care of Business

Razz is in heat today and appears to be "standing for it", which means that we are 5 for 5 on our breeding plan for this year.  While we can't be sure yet that all the breeding sessions have resulted in pregnancy, I have kept a close enough eye on everyone to verify that tall the ladies have been in heat since we put Oreo into their pen and all have been cooperative with our super-attentive buck.  


How will we know whether all the gals are pregnant?  Well, I've marked the calendar with the dates that each of them were in heat.  I can count 21 days from their last heat cycle, and if they do not go into heat again, the odds are it's because they're already pregnant. We will do more formal testing in a month or so just to verify.  

I'm pretty sure that Honey, pictured above,  has got the pregnancy hormones raging.  She's been wilder than normal on the milk stand and spacey when it comes to following the routine that we go through during milking time every day, twice a day.  


They've all handled breeding season very well, so they deserve a little extra treat.  Here they are enjoying some extra grain this morning.  Sure do love these critters!