Brooding On

Olive Oil, Anyone?

That, my friends, is a lot of olive oil!  


As soap sales and, thus, production have increased, I decided I needed a better source for wholesale oils.  I have to order my more specialized oils online, but olive oil is pretty readily available.  

When Girl 1 sprung on me (the week before her first dance competition) that her tan jazz shoes no longer fit and that she needed new ones "in time to break them in before competition" (uggghhh!!!), I decided to make the most of our emergency trip to Little Rock and stock up on olive oil at Sam's.  Girl 1, her ever-expanding feet, and I loaded up our cart.  We ought to be good for at least a couple of months now (on jazz shoes and olive oil, hopefully)!

If you missed the post about the latest soap scents I've got available, check this out and place your order before they're all sold out.  ;)