Brooding On

Goat Pile

Seriously, have cuter goats ever existed?  

We just love to look out the window and catch a glimpse of a good goat pile like this one!


These are the current ladies in our maternity pen, Razz and Honey.  After Izzy's episode, we decided to move her in with a new pen mate, just in the unlikely case that it was some infection that led to last week's episode.  Since moving into the backfield with her sister, she's gained strength each day and has slowly become more social again over the course of the week.  We gave her some antibiotics to help her get her strength back up.  There was some chance that she might go ahead and produce milk, so we kept an eye out for that, but it wasn't to be. Oh, well.  We'll try her again next year.  None of the infectious explanations I found online seem to be an exact fit.  Several animal caretakers consoled us this week saying that sometimes "these things just happen," so I'm hoping that'll be the case and she'll go on to have a normal pregnancy next year.  

Thank you to the many of you who sent along your kind words in the wake of our little farm losses last week.  I know that these are "just animals," but we sure are attached, and it was very meaningful to hear from those of you who understand that so well.