Brooding On

1st Delivery Day Scheduled

We are planning a trial run of what we hope will become a weekly egg delivery on Thursday this week.  Our front porch may be off your beaten path, so we're going to bring these amazing, farm fresh eggs directly to your doorstep.  

If you live within 1 mile of Cave City city limits, you're golden.  All you need to do is message Brood Farm on FaceBook or shoot an email to  Be sure to include your address and how many dozen eggs you'd like to receive during our Thursday evening drop off.  There is a two-dozen minimum order to be sure that we've got our gas and time costs covered.  Of course, you're welcome to order as many dozen as you'd like.  

If you live a little further away but still have a Cave City address, you've got two options:  either conspire with a friend who lives in town to have eggs dropped at her place, or message me and plead your case.  ;)

We plan to begin drop-off around 6:00 Thursday evening.  If you'll be home, great!  Just have payment ready for us -- remember eggs are $3 per dozen.  If you will not be home, let me know in your FB or email correspondence where you'd like us to place them (in the mailbox, in an empty ice chest on the porch, etc.) and have payment ready for us in that spot.  

Remember, this is a trial run.  We're hoping to gauge interest and see whether it'll be viable for us to continue delivery.  So, if you think you'd like to benefit, be sure to get on this week's list so that we are aware of your interest!  


We are excited about trying this out.  See you Thursday!

Oh, and we'll be sure to stick in one of Brood Farm's winter recipe cards.  But, you may need to up your order by a dozen if you plan to try out the delicious breakfast casserole recipes.  ;)