Brooding On

You Guys Are Always Coming Through!

I asked for egg cartons, and I got egg cartons . . . lots and lots of egg cartons!  You guys are great!  Thank you so much!


As the chickens are getting old enough to begin egg production, we've watched our egg numbers climb steadily.  It was only a few weeks ago that our 105 or so chickens were producing about 5 eggs a day.  Saturday, we gathered 45.  That's a number we'd be happy with for the dead of winter when production is at its slowest, but we've yet to see them peak.  The numbers just continue to grow!  


So, we're very thankful for the cartons.  Please keep them coming!  Oh, and, I wish I was keeping better track of who was dropping them off when, but . . . to whoever left the three pieces of chocolate in the bottom of the carton-filled plastic bag -- thank you!  What a special treat!  :)