Brooding On

New Soap Scents Available Now!

I'm very excited about these new goat milk soaps that are ready for sale!  In the past, my soaps have been either unscented or subtly scented.  These, however, are more strongly scented and just smell delicious!  

This week I have 4 new scents to introduce:

Lilac,  Chai Tea, Milk & Honey with Oatmeal, and White Tea with Ginger


At right, the sign Girl 2 crafted to promote soap sales!  ;)

I absolutely cannot choose a favorite from among the new scents.  They are all great.  Of course, old favorites like unscented (great for the hunter in your life) and the super-skin nourishing oatmeal and cinnamon are still available as well.  Next week, I'll have even more new scents available.  (I've been having a lot of fun playing around with new scents lately.)

You may purchase these new soaps at Olde Towne Mall in downtown Batesville or via the Harvest Store page here on the website.  

If, like me, you like being able to give Christmas gifts that you can feel good about, consider stocking up on these locally hand-crafted, natural soaps.  :)