Brooding On

Gift Wrapping Underway

Tuesday and Wednesday, the fellas working out at the farm got lots of great work done.  The future barn is beginning to look like a structure!   Today, though, (and it's Thursday morning as I write this) everyone is battening down the hatches for a winter storm. 

Yesterday, it was 70 degrees here.  Today, I sent the kids to school in their "big coats" despite Girl 1's protests that she looked like a giant, pink marshmallow) and the schools are closing early because of the freezing rain we expect to get throughout the day.  Yep, we've got some crazy weather here in Arkansas!

(Sidenote #1:  Please do not feel sorry for Girl 1 and her giant pink coat.  For the record, she picked it out at the store herself and waitied until it was home with tags removed to inform me that she really wished it wasn't bright pink or so puffy.  Since her proclamation, she has refused to wear it.  And I have refused to buy her a new one since she chose this one herself.  It's been a battle of the wills, I suppose.  She's worn her lighter jacket everyday until I made her put on the puffy one today. She was definitely sulking about it.  Hopefully, it didn't entirely wreck her day.  It's tough to be a 4th grader sometimes. ;)

Anyway, the impending weather makes me want to turn on Christmas music, bake cookies, and wrap Christmas presents.  We got a head start last night as we affixed stickers and ribbons to these jars of yummy pepper jelly and peach apple salsa!  Mmmm.  I love giving and receiving homemade gifts!

(Sidenote #2:  If it annoys you as much as it annoys me that the pictures in this post are randomly tacked on to the bottom rather than integrated with the text, I apologize.  Since we moved the blog over to this new platform, I've been fighting with my posts daily.  Today, the pictures are being super stubborn and refuse to move where I tell them to; so, fine, they win.  Hopefully, this will get easier, but in the meantime, blogging is taking me about twice as long as it used to.  Anyone out there use Square Space as a blogging platform and want to tutor this gal on photo placement?)

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