Brooding On

So, What Shall We Name Her?

Remember the tough decision we faced last week regarding this poor chicken?  She was being picked on and pecked at and was missing nearly all her tail and wing feathers. 


It turns out I'm a total softy.  We waited until all the chickens were roosting for the night up in the wagon (they're much more docile during this time), climbed inside with them, located our poor gal and snatched her up.  I couldn't believe what she felt like once I had her in my arms.  I felt like I was holding a breastbone and chicken feet.  There was just nothing to her at all.  We put her inside our transport crate and brought her home to the backyard, her old stomping grounds.  Here, she is living in peace and eating as much organic feed as her little heart desires.  She's still terribly frightened whenever I get near her, but I'm hoping that if I continue to bring her goodies from the kitchen, she'll learn that I'm a friend, not a feather-plucker.


I suppose when you single out one chicken out of 107 to bring home and pamper, she deserves a name.  Anyone have any suggestions? 

Here's a little bit of info to fuel your creativity:

She is old by laying hens' standards

When she does lay eggs, they're a beautiful blue color.  Lots of folks call her breed "Easter-Eggers" for that reason.

She's a bit raggedy-looking right now, but her breed has been my favorite to see running around the field.  Their many shades of gray are just so pretty.  

So, will you help me name our little rescue?

Oh, and Merry Christmas!  I plan to take tomorrow off to celebrate Jesus' birth with my sweet family.  I pray you will enjoy your day doing the same.  I'll see you all again on Thursday!