Brooding On

Enough is Enough: A Thanksgiving Prayer


As we head into tomorrow's holiday, let us be thankful for the "enoughness" we enjoy and remember the many who struggle through life without it.  

That We May Be Satisfied

Generous God,

Enough is enough! Or is it?

Your love and care are extended way beyond our deserving,

Way beyond our capacity to collect.

You provide us more than enough…

But Lord, so much of life disclaims that enoughness.

We hope for more than we need.

We work for more than we can obtain.

We demand more than we have earned.

We expect more than our share.

At the same time we hear story upon story of people

Truly lacking the enough we consider so basic to our lives…

Too many millions of children lack the basic nutrients

With which to build strong bodies,

As famine and adult power struggles strip their pantries bare…

God, we do affirm your enoughness.

Please, now, bestow on those so lacking:

The home, the food, and the peace they need truly to have enough.

And help us who enjoy a super-abundance

To turn our longing for more into a mission to simplify, to share,

And to follow your lead, that is, to give.

In the name of the one who gave himself, even Christ Jesus our Lord, we pray.


Jack Haberer

From Bread for the Preacher, July 2010