Brooding On

Oreo Has Died and Gone to Heaven

No, he's not literally in heaven.  But, he's happier than he's ever been in his short life.  

He was born into a tiny birthing pen then immediately placed in a small pen with lots of other babies.  Once we bought him, we moved him into our buck pen.  While much larger than his previous home, the grass and space was limited.  And, he was just a fence away from our huge field and all the ladies.  But his time has now come!
It's breeding season!  So, he's been let out into the big field that has always been just beyond his reach -- with all the grass he could possibly eat . . . and all the ladies he could possibly, umm, well, you get the point.  We're hoping he will breed with Razz, Honey, and Izzy this fall.  

Star is the only girl not old enough to be in the field with the buck Oreo.  So, she's been relegated to the small pen and is NOT happy about it.  She's does have a companion with her, but she's finding him (Dallas, our fixed male) a bit lacking and has spent the ENTIRE day bawling.  

This particular pic makes me sad.  Poor Star is now just a fence away from her Momma Razz.  They've been apart for over a month now as Star is being weaned, but they've been further apart until today.  Now, with just a fence between the two of them, Star just followed her Momma around the perimeter of the fence, getting as close as she could get.