Brooding On

Freckle Face Farm Tour

Sunday afternoon, we joined our friends the Insells for a tour of Freckle Face Farm outside Searcy.  While we knew all our kids would have a great time seeing the animals, climbing hay bales, and digging in the dirt, John and I also considered it research.  The family of nine at Freckle Face Farm is raising cows, pigs, and chickens all-naturally.  We couldn't wait to see their farm set-up and pick their brains regarding farming practices.  Luckily, Jami and Mitchell were willing to spend the afternoon answering our tons of questions as we walked the farm together.   

They really gave us a lot to think about as we prepare to set-up our own farm.

Chicks in the brooder

Checking out the plucking machine

These 100 turkeys will be ready in time for Thanksgiving!

Pigs!  This is the element Girl 1 can't wait to add to our farm.  The girl loves BACON!

Petting the piggies through the fence

Raw milk and various meats are for sale on site.  They also sell meat at the Searcy and Little Rock Farmers' Markets.

This new building houses their sales room and will eventually be the hub of the entire dairy operation.  They are currently milking ten beautiful Jerseys!

This family is really so sweet and seem to have found their way to farming much the same way we are -- one step at a time.  Thanks, Insell family, for the great afternoon!  We always love our time with you guys.  And, thanks to Jami, Mitchell, and the rest of the gang at Freckle Face Farm for taking time out of your Sunday to show us around!