Brooding On

Are Bananas in Season?

The other day, my darling Girl 2 asked me whether bananas were in-season.

Just hearing her ask the question made me so happy.

It told me that she understands that produce doesn't grow year-round and that as conscious consumers we shouldn't expect to have access to ALL foods ALL of the time.  Her question tells me that she understands that at our house, we try to respect those rhythms of nature and enjoy each fruit when it is locally available and doesn't have to shipped half-way across the world to meet our demands.  Her question also tells me that she loves bananas and has noticed their absence .  :)

You should have seen her face fall when I told her that, in fact, bananas are NEVER in season here in Arkansas, that they tend to be grown much closer to the equator.  "Like in Guatemala!" she proclaimed.  Precisely.  In fact, the bananas I picked up as her treat from the store this week were actually grown in Guatemala.  I guess it should be no surprise that she loves this fruit; her foster mom says it was one of her earliest foods.

"They" say that kids are like sponges.  It is so true.  We've never set down as a family and had a lesson on the importance of eating local or eating in-season, but they are picking things up all of the time.  And, once explained, these concepts just make sense to them. I do intend to buy my Guatemalan-born child a few bananas from time to time.  We'll just chalk it up to appreciating her native culture.  ;)