Brooding On

Follow-up Friday: The Road is Complete!

The road on the new farm is complete. . .

 . . . and completely beautiful, if you ask me!  Mike Hatfield and crew did a phenomenal job, and we were so pleased to get to work with such great local people sourcing local materials.  

Once you turn off Cypress Lane, it winds around for about 1/2 mile and dead ends about 20-40 yards from where we think the house will eventually sit. 

So, we can check Step 1 off the list -- road is complete!  Now, it's on to the next couple of steps, which we'll be working on simultaneously:  have power and water run out to the house site and get some fencing and housing up for animals.  Once these are complete, we'll list the house and hope for the best.  (Know anyone who may be interested?)

We've had an initial meeting with the architects we intend to use and are so very excited to be working with them.  They really seem to have a feel for the kind of living space we hope to create.  We will meet with them (with all our ideas, Pinterest boards, and post-it-noted pages in hand) in a week or so to talk in greater detail.  I just cannot wait to see how they will combine all the elements we bring them!