Brooding On

Follow-up Friday: The Boys Have Left Us

At long last, we've found a good, permanent home for Honey's twin bucklings.  (I suppose since we fitted them last week with castration bands, we should actually call them wethers now rather than bucklings.)  

In the pic above, they're getting acclimated to their new pen and meeting all their new friends.  These are the first goats we've voluntarily parted with, and it's a little weird; but they will be living happy lives as pets just up the road from us.  

It didn't make much sense for us to keep them.  In a dairy operation, bucks serve basically one purpose.  But, these twins are too closely related to our gals, so we couldn't use them as breeders.  It just makes sense for us to move them along.  And, they're sweet boys, so they'll make great pets for their new family.