Brooding On

Checking Back in on Resolutions

We are now halfway through 2013! How can that be possible?  It seems like a good time to revisit those resolutions and consider how you're doing.  Below are my original resolutions and progress notes:

1.  Teach the kids skills to make them more confident and independent (i.e. cooking/ cleaning/ farming/ gardening/ etc.)  Surely snapping beans on the front porch and general garden work counts.  The other day, Girl 1 wanted to know why our squash plant was producing pink flowers.  Well, it wasn't, of course; it had a pink geranium peeking out from underneath it.  The point is, though, that in a culture where an alarming number of kids today couldn't even identify squash, she knew that the squash plant was supposed to have yellow blooms.

2.  Run at least 365 miles, including all area 5K races.  Thus far, I've logged 355 miles, so I think I'm well on my way here.  I did miss one area 5K race, though, because we were in NWA running the Outback in the Ozarks 200-mile relay race.  I think it was a justified absence.

3.  Pray through Common Prayer for Ordinary Radicals  Doing it.  Most days I love it. Some days I get done with my 5:00am reading time and can't remember what I've just read.  Maybe I should move this activity to a different time of day. ;)

4.  Pray consistently with the kids at bedtime  While we do still pray together (over meals and various other times, like when an ambulance speeds by our car), our regular prayer time has not really been a part of our summer routine.  I do miss it, though. The fact that they "slumber party" nearly every night makes it difficult to get one-on-one time at bedtime, though.

5.  Market some homemade wares (soap, probably)  Ummm.  I made some soap.  Does that count?

6.  Eat/serve more raw and whole foods  'Tis the season for fresh veggies!  I've done a surprisingly poor job of getting them consistently to the table, though.  Hopefully, now that ball season is over and we will actually be eating more dinners at the table rather than out of brown paper sacks, I can do better.

7.  Support local businesses with my dollar  I am failing miserably with this one. Suggestions?

8.  Learn more about farming (goat kidding/cows/organic gardening)  I've definitely now had first-hand experience with goat kidding.  Cows may still be a ways away for us.  I'm pretty sure my garden has a new lesson for me everyday.  It's almost like it relishes in surprising me with some new insect or leaf spot each morning.

9.  Volunteer some of my time to a worthy cause or two  As the race director for Cave City's upcoming Melon Dash 5K, I'm definitely putting in the time.  All proceeds go toward The Bethany Project's school supply giveaway for local kiddos.  I'm loving everything I'm learning through this process!

10.  Eat lunch at the elementary school once a week  I'm obviously taking a break right now, but I loved doing this during the school year.

11.  Replace more personal hygiene products/ household cleaners with homemade/cleaner versions  Yep!  Current project is DIY liquid detergent for HE washers.  Don't worry; you know I'll share it with you!

12.  Maintain an active/interesting blog.  Hmmmm.  Naptime used to be my go-to blogging time, but the older two kids don't nap, so blogging time has been hard to find this summer.  In fact, tomorrow, when John is off work, I plan to take the day off from blogging.  We'll be busy doing what every American does for the 4th -- slaughtering backyard chickens.  ;)