Brooding On

The Right Kind of Full

What a gorgeous weekend we just had! 

And, it was just the right kind of "full" at our house.  The right kind of full is not frenzied but full to the brim with family, food, good conversation, and memories made.

My mom, dad, and Mamaw all came in Thursday in time to watch Little Boy play his first tee-ball game EVER.  Ummm, it was a bit chaotic, but check out his running form!  If tee-ball doesn't work out, we'll just make him a runner.  :)

We all spent Friday playing in the park, enjoying the yard and animals, and meeting John for lunch.

Friday night, our visitors were able to watch Girl 2 play a softball game.  (It wasn't a particularly pretty one.  Apparently, they like their pitching machines fast over in Lynn, Arkansas. ;)

Saturday, it was Girl 1's turn in the spotlight (literally), as lots of family attended her dance recital and a special dinner afterward.  Cousin Lauren noted that we had 4 generations on each side of the family represented at the recital -- how very special!

Here, Girl 1 poses with PawPaw and Peggy on the front porch swing.  Despite the fact that she had 7 costume changes during the recital, I only have pics of her in this one!  :)

Over the course of the weekend, each child had a chance to be celebrated and to spend some quality time with Nana, Ops, and Mamaw.  What a blessing, indeed!