Brooding On

Real Men Eat Veggies

There are a few men in my life (I'll not name names) who think a meal is not a meal unless it involves meat.  Luckily my husband is not one of them.  Men like that would hardly get a real meal around here these days. 

There is one slice of bacon on this plate, so maybe it could pass as a meal.  ;)

With the garden in full swing right now, we're up to our ears in veggies.  It almost feels wasteful to dive into the deep freeze for a chicken when there's almost more than we can eat ripe for the pickin' in the backyard.  Clockwise from top left . . .

Toasted homemade sun-dried tomato/mozzarella bread topped with sauteed beet greens
Bacon-wrapped green beans in brown-sugar glaze
Fresh, raw carrots (if you've never had one straight from a garden, you're missing out.  No need to cook these; they're perfect as is)
Olive-oil fried squash
Sugar snap peas with red pepper

Sounds like a pretty yummy meal to me!