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Follow-Up Friday: Toilet Upgrade

This is the first ever installment of "Follow-Up Friday."  Much like the name implies, this post will allow me to provide updates on topics that have already been covered on the blog.  I'm a big project-driven girl.  Once something is crossed off the list, I rarely pause to look back.  I'm hoping that Follow-Up Fridays will help me to pause long enough to reflect on how things are going and, in turn, fill you in on things as well.
For this week, I wanted to show you the upgrade our little composting toilet received today.  That's right -- thanks to an attached toilet paper holder, it is now better equipped for us ladies!    Also, we rearranged the back porch a bit, creating a new potty spot that feels more private thanks to the piece of furniture next to it.  The plastic basket conceals extra rolls of toilet paper (in sealed containers, of course). 

The cheapest holder I could find was about $5.  I positioned a scrap piece of 1x4 under the crate and affixed the holder to it.  Of course, I spray-painted the wood first so that it would be black and "hide" under the crate.  You know, that just keeps it classier looking.  We definitely want our backyard toilet to be classy.  :)