Brooding On

My Babies Are Growing Up So Fast!

Today, on this, Little Boy's 4th birthday, I am keenly aware of how quickly my babies are growing.  I remember rolling out of bed to provide Girl 1 her middle-of-the-night feeding and wondering how much longer this would go on.  Not so long at all, it turns out.  This morning, for example, she came downstairs for breakfast and was entirely ready for the day:  clothes on, hair done, bed made.  She didn't need me at all.  Little Boy still needs me, but it's less and less each day.   It's hard to imagine, but someday soon he won't need me to tell him that his undies are on backward or that his shoes are on the wrong feed (again . . .and again and again).
But, these little goat babies are growing at the rate of 1/4 to 1/2 pound a day!  They've gotten big enough to go out into the field during the day with the rest of the herd. 

As I photograph them with my giant zoom lense, I find it makes me a little anxious to see that they've wandered so far from the house.  My maternal instincts kick in, I guess, and I want to go herd them in and put them back in the backyard pen where I can keep a closer eye on them. 

But, they are fine, of course.  They're out there with their Mommas, after all.  Now that it's warming (somewhat), we've started separating the babies from the Mommas at night.  This allows us to get a good bucketful of milk in the morning before turning them out into the field together. 

It's so strange to see them with their heads down out in the field, grazing like their mothers.  Life happens fast, and little ones grow so quickly, but with these little goats, it seems as if I'm watching them in fast-forward!