Brooding On

Growing Chicks

This is what our spring chicks looked like last week.

And, this is what they look like this week.  They're getting their big-boy feathers (no, that's not the technical term)!  Starting with their wing-tips and tails, they're trading in their yellow fuzz for actual feathers.

It's hard to see in the pics, but they've gotten quite a bit bigger in just a week.  For some scale, here I am holding one.

As it has been cold the past couple of days, they seem pretty thankful for their heat lamp and spend a lot of time huddled directly beneath it. 

Once temps outside regulate a bit and they have a few more feathers, they'll be ready for some outside time.  I look forward to watching them explore the grass for the first time.  Hopefully we're only a week or two away from their big move to the great outdoors.