Brooding On

New Multi-Purpose Shelving Unit

Now that the ladies out back are once again producing milk, I'm looking forward to ramping up my soap production.  As each bar needs to "cure" (sit around in a well-ventilated area) for about 4 weeks before use, I need a pretty good amount of space to store the curing bars.  My wonderful husband purchased me this new wire rack.  It was 50-ish dollars on Home Depot's website, qualified for free shipping, and was easily assembled.  It's hard to make out in the photo, but it's a brushed bronze, so I think it looks a little nicer than the shiny metal of most wire racks. 
Since I don't currently have a lot of bars curing (the babies are still getting most of the milk) and since we'll soon be having company who will need the guest bed, I decided to move my seedlings from the bed to the rack.  The grow lights are afixed to the shelf above and since the shelves are adjustable, I can easily move them to allow for plant growth.

Here's a look at my tomatoes today.

More tomatoes

On the bottom rack, I've got my sweet potato starts . . .

 . . . and starchy potato starts.  Yes, I know I'm a little behind on getting my potatoes in the ground  (they're supposed to be in by Valentine's Day, right?) but since there are currently 3 inches of snow on the ground outside, I'm gonna beat myself up about it.  :)

Happy Snow Day!