Brooding On

Bottle Baby is Here!

Meet Oreo.  It may seem strange that we would purchase a new little guy while we've got 3 babies running around that were born here just last week.  As you may recall, we lost our only buck Copper a little while back and will need a replacement for him in the fall when it's breeding season once again.  We cannot use one of our own babies as he would be breeding back to his own mother or sister.  That won't work.  We needed a new guy from a new bloodline.

His black and white swirled markings are considered very showy and are quite desirable in the goat world.  John finds him striking.  Honestly, I tend to favor the solid colors like Razz and Honey, but I've quickly learned that is quite out of fashion in goat breeding. 

Honey is sniffing out the new guy.

Because he has no Momma here on our farm, he will be bottle fed for awhle yet.  Right now, he's getting bottles at approximately 7:00am, 3:00pm, and 9:00pm.

He's a lively little guy and seems to be a great addition.  BUT . . . he's a screamer.  And, unlike the soft calls of our other goats,  his is grating!  Listen for yourself in this video John shot yesterday morning: