Brooding On

What? You Don't Take Pictures of Goat Rumps?

So, even though we're still about 1 week away from official "on alert" time, I am obsessed with waiting for our new babies to arrive.  The mommas are getting increasingly cranky the bigger they get.  I guess that's normal.  Razz will not tolerate Honey getting any of the grain they're fed in the mornings and protects the bowl visciously.  Honey, who normally loves up on me, is keeping her distance.  Thankfully, Razz was kind enough to allow me these pics of her hindquarters this morning, though.
Apparently, as they get nearer to delivery the ligaments in their rumps will loosen dramatically.  So, if you're accustomed to what they feel like normally, you'll be able to gage how close they are to delivery as the ligaments loosen.  The two ligaments I'm feeling for run on either side of the backbone/tail making like a peace sign.

They are the ligaments that allow goats to do this -- raise their tails.  At delivery time, the ligaments will be so loose that they're basically unable to raise their tails.

Here, I am feeling for the ligaments which still feel pretty tight on Razz.  Honey's are actually looser, even though she still doesn't look as large as Razz. 

So, you may be thinking that this is an odd post for Valentine's Day.  Maybe tomorrow I'll post about the kid's Valentines and how we celebrated.  But, for today, what says "I love you" more than my sweet goat thinking, "you know what, I'm pregnant and tired and fat and just generally not loving life today, but, yes, I will allow you to feel around on my rump a bit and even photograph it, if that's really how you want to spend your morning.  I just love you that much."  I mean, really, how many of us would tolerate such?