Brooding On

The Most Depressing Day of the Year

So, I read an article recently that said that, statistically speaking, today, January 22, is the most depressing day of the year.  The article didn't really explain, but I'm just guessing that this is because the high of the holidays has worn off, we're all back to the grind, and spring still seems SO very far away.

Little Boy would argue, though.  He seems just fine today, but January 3rd, when he watched me take down the Christmas tree and literally cried, "Momma!  We will never have Christmas again?!" I'd say that was his low.

How can we beat those winter blues?  Here are some tips from someone who's definitely no expert.

1.  Get outside (especially when it's sunny).  Seriously.  Vitamin D is a commonly recommended supplement for mild depression.  But, why add another bottle to the medicine cabinet when you can just bundle up and take a brisk walk.
2.  Get dressed up and go out.  I don't know about you, but I wear a lot of sweatshirts this time of year and really like my comfy spot by the heater in the evenings.  But, a sure plan for keeping the blues at bay is to get all dressed up (maybe in my sparkly tights!) and hit the town with my favorite date.  And, don't make it spontaneous.  The anticipation is half the fun.
3.  Plan your garden (or flower beds, if you're not the gardening type).  Just planning for spring will help put a little spring back in your step.
4.  Pamper yourself.  For some of you, just shaving your legs during this time of year would qualify as pampering (I'm not going to name names ;).  Maybe paint your nails.  Or, have a home spa day.  Take yourself out to lunch (if you go to Elizabeth's, please bring me back some chicken salad).
5.  Try something new.  Make a new recipe for dinner.  Get a new haircut (or color!).  Visit that shop that you've been eyeing but have never made time to check out.  Learn a new skill (I'd love to learn to crochet.)
6.  Get beyond yourself.  Do something kind for someone else.  And, I don't just mean donate money.  DO something.  Bake cookies for the lunch ladies at your kids' school.  Surprise a special person at work, just as he's about to take his lunch break and offer to take him to lunch.  Offer to haul your elderly neighbor's trash to the curb for her when you're hauling your own. You get the idea.

If you actually try any of these ideas for beating the blues, I'd love to hear about it!  Also, got any ideas you'd like to add?