Brooding On

Knocking Out Those Resolutions!

We've really been hitting our resolution lists hard around here!  The first one from my own list is . . .

**Teach the kids skills to make them more confident and independent (i.e. cooking/ cleaning/ farming/ gardening/ etc.)

Aside from our plan to allow the girls each their own plots in the garden, we're also trying to tap into their interests and teach them more in those areas.  Girl 1 has shown a lot of interest in helping me bake in the past; she's also gone through phases when she's served as our resident Food Pyramid police.  So, we decided to give her one night a week when she's in charge of dinner (with my supervision, of course).  Because it is basically the only night we don't have activities, we decided that Friday would be her day.  In preparation for the big day, she planned the menu (with the Food Pyramid in mind, of course) and made her grocery list.  Tonight, she made us tacos! 

Sure, it took a lot longer than it might've if I'd whipped up dinner on my own, but she learned SO many kitchen skills, just in this one meal!  And the pride she took in serving it up to all of us was really something to behold!  I wouldn't be surprised if it even makes her more appreciative of all that goes into preparing the meals she eats the other nights of the week as well.  :)