Brooding On

Goat Kidding Prep

To prepare for our first-ever backyard goat kidding, we had a few items we needed to order.  Those items (along with things we'd need for kid care and milking) have arrived!

We are approximately one month from kidding now.  All supplies are in.  I've tested the baby monitor to be sure that it will reach from the house to the goat barn (apparently, they'll "thrash" around, making a bed of hay to use for kidding.  This should alert us that it's almost time).  We've purchased a separate tool box to hold all our kidding supplies, so that we'll have them at-the-ready.  We probably still need to clean the barn up a bit as it's been virtually unused during the last couple of months since we've not been milking.

I've been reading up on the goat kidding process, but I had to stop doing it just before bed as it was causing me to have all kinds of dreams about baby goats (some of them rather disturbing).  Most of the time, goats can manage delivery okay without assistance, but it's still a good idea for us to be present in the event that we need to intervene (kid is in an abnormal position) or the delivery is not progressing as it should. 

For now, I keep going out and pressing my hand to the right side of their belly.  Any day now, I should be able to feel kicks!   Can't you just feel the excitement?!  Don't worry -- I'll keep you in the loop on how things are going -- wouldn't want you to miss a thing!