Brooding On

2013 Resolutions . . . for all to see

Okay.  Putting my resolutions on my blog for all to see is a bit scary.  The way I see it, though, it may serve to hold me accountable.  So, here are my dozen goals . . .

1.  Teach the kids skills to make them more confident and independent (i.e. cooking/ cleaning/ farming/ gardening/ etc.)´╗┐

2.  Run at least 365 miles, including all area 5K races.
We got a good start this morning at the local New Year's Day Prediction Run.

Here we are coming in to the finish line.  The race was a lot of fun.  The concept is that each runner predicts at the outset what his finish time will be.  The runner whose predicted time is closest to his actual time is the winner (no watches allowed, of course).  And. . .  I won for the female division!  I was only off by 3 seconds! 

3.  Pray through Common Prayer for Ordinary Radicals

4.  Pray consistently with the kids at bedtime

5.  Market some homemade wares (soap, probably)

6.  Eat/serve more raw and whole foods

7.  Support local businesses with my dollar

8.  Learn more about farming (goat kidding/cows/organic gardening)

9.  Volunteer some of my time to a worthy cause or two  (??)

10.  Eat lunch at the elementary school once a week

11.  Replace more personal hygiene products/ household cleaners with homemade/cleaner versions

12.  Maintain an active/interesting blog´╗┐