Brooding On

Winter Wonderland

Yesterday, amidst the rain and sleet, we traveled home from our family Christmas gathering in Fort Smith.  We were thankful to have made it home safely and that our animals were doing fine.  As I unpacked inside, John hurriedly made some backyard preparations for the incoming snowstorm before dark; then, we hunkered down and waited.

By morning, the ground was covered with a snow so thick that Little Boy could barely trudge through it.
As I greeted them, the chickens were torn.  They love to come greet me because they know I usually come bearing treats, but they also didn't want to step down into the snow.

This is as far as she came before retreating back into her house.

I was interested to see how the goats would like the snow as this was the first snowfall we've had since they've called our little farm "home."  Apparently, they dislike it about as much as they do the rain.

They all peeked out of the house for a photo, but didn't want to trudge through the snow to come see me.

Here's a pic of our snow-covered field.  I'd really hoped to get a few pics of the gals out here, but they were not budging from their shelter.

Last night, John moved some larger backyard items -- a goat feeder, wagon, wheelbarrow -- to surround Chubby's house.  (Chubby is our lonely chicken who is not yet old enough to join the other hens.  Girl 2 gets credit for the name Chubby;  she thought it would be a funny name for the skinniest chicken we have.)   The large items acted as a barrier as the snow swept around and kept her house from being filled with snow. 
Milkshake, our smallest kitten, wasn't too sure about the snow.  She could easily get lost in snow this deep!

Girl 2 threatening me with a chunk of snow!

Unfortunately, John had to work today, but we are looking forward to having him home to join us in some snow play tomorrow!