Brooding On

We've Got News!!!!!

Can you make out the pink line?  Okay, there are no pink lines, but you should see two very important words in the photo above:  PREGNANT!

Yep, both of the gals are expecting!!!!

Looks like we could've just trusted biology after all.

We are ecstatic!  A goat's gestation period is about 5 months, so by our math, we could have some new little kids in our herd as early as March 1. 

Most commonly, does give birth to twins.  Giving birth to 1 or 3 kids happens frequently enough.  Honey happens to have been part of a sibling set of 4, so if that's a heriditary trait, we could be in for a surprise.

As we await the kids' arrival, we have some shopping to do for the farm.  There will be some supplies that we'll need to be sure to have on hand for kidding.  Once again, it'll be a first for us, and I am SO looking forward to it!