Brooding On

More Backyard Snow

Well, a few of the chickens are braving the snowy ground.  John moved the gang onto a patch of mostly thawed ground today, so they can move around much more easily.

This group of "chickens," though, are still afraid to come out of the house.

The goats have apparently figured out that they'd have to come out of their house to get to their feeder.  So, I was able to get a few snowy goat pics.

Love these gals!

Razz had to come get some lovin'.

I know I'm a crazy goat lady, but I really do think they're pretty animals!

Our compost bins (and a half-sunken Milkshake)

A tiny kitty and her tiny,  kitty-sized tracks

It's crazy to think that these strawberries were still producing about 2 weeks ago.

Will the crazy parsley bounce back from this?