Brooding On

Cocoa Santas

This morning Girls 1 and 2 had their Christmas parties at school.  Each year, we make some kind of goody to give their classmates and activity teachers.  This year's creation is the Cocoa Santa.
Aren't they cute? 

In short, they're cake decorating bags filled with crushed peppermint, cocoa mix, marshmallows, and a chocolate-dipped plastic spoon.  Once filled, we adorned them with ribbon, felt nose and mouth, googly eyes, and cotton hat-topper and moustache. 

We made 70+ of these, assembly-line style.

Using address labels, we made gift labels/cocoa-mixing directions that we stuck on the back of each Santa.

This was definitely one of those projects that took exponentially more time than I'd originally imagined.  But, the girls are now old enough to truly help, and seeing how excited they were about giving them out to teachers and friends made it all worth it!