Brooding On

Ahhh!!! Testing Kit is Here!

Monday, as I opened up this package, I could feel my knees getting weak as the big bundle of needles tumbled out.  It's here:  the pregnancy testing kit that will let us know whether or not Copper got the job done this fall and we've got little goats on the way.  We've got the clippers, the surgical gloves, the needles, and the specimen tubes.  Now, all that's left to do is actually jab the goats in the jugular and draw that blood.  Ahhhhhh!! 

Here are the directions.  Notice the title: "How to Neck Bleed a Goat."  Uggghhhh.

Well, Monday night, Girl 2 had a Christmas performance at school (she did great!), last night I had to make a trip to town, so we've planned to do this TODAY!

Knowing what today would hold, I had a HORRIBLE nightmare last night.  I'll spare you the details, but just know that it ended with a decapitated goat and me crumpled on the ground sobbing uncontrollably.  Yes, it was disturbing.  Let's hope this afternoon's "neck bleeding" goes much better.

Check back tomorrow to see we (both goats and humans) fared.  :(