Brooding On

Today, I Was the Crazy Lady

I've been fussing a lot lately about the price of milk, since I've had to start buying it again.  Today, a gallon of store-brand milk was $4.18.  (Of course, using my sale papers, I was able to get it cheaper with a price match. ;)  But, I also noticed for the first time the goat milk that a friend had told me she'd seen on the shelf lately. 
Here it is -- complete with a cute little cartoonish-floppy-eared goat!  It also was $4.18 today . . . for 1 quart.  Let's do the math, shall we.  That's $16.72 per gallon!  Yowza!

This gives me an all new appreciation for Razz and her golden udders!

So, in case you were wondering, yes, that was me.  I was the crazy lady you saw taking photos of milk today at the grocery store.  ;)