Brooding On

Take Action Against Hunger

Thanksgiving is only a week away.  That means that we're all busy planning our menus and making our grocery lists and readying our tables.  Most of us will gather with family and friends and eat amazing, comfort food until our belts need loosening.  Let us not forget in this season of thankfulness the many who will not be joining us in our overindulgence. 

World hunger statistics are sobering, to say the least.  I like this video because it uses the numbers to get our attention rather than the emotionally evocative images involved with so many of the world hunger videos we've been subjected to over the years.   One child dies hungry every 6 seconds.  Now that's sobering.  How many children would that be during just our Thanksgiving meal alone? 

As our family met to discuss how we wanted to approach feeding the hungry this holiday, I mentioned this statistic to Girl 1.  She just looked at me and started slowly counting as the tears welled up in her eyes. 

I don't mean to be a downer this holiday.  I do mean to challenge you to do something about the plight of the needy.  So, I'm doing what the video asks of me and telling a friend (who will hopefully tell a friend who will hopefully tell a friend, etc.). 

Our family plans to do our part this season by donating to Action Against Hunger.  This non-profit has received great ratings related to how great a percentage of donations actually go where we intend.   They feed, provide access to clean water, provide medical care, and teach sustainable farming practices. 

So, enjoy your sweet potato casserole.  I certainly intend to.  But, as you gather 'round the table and offer your prayers of thanksgiving, perhaps whisper a prayer for the less fortunate and do what you can to remember them in their plight this season.