Brooding On

Planning Ahead for Fast, Healthy Food

I recently heard the term "healthy sauté" and was stupefied.  What could be healthy about cooking something down in butter?  Apparently, healthy sautéing substitiutes broth for the butter or oil typically used.  It does a similar job for a fraction of the calories.  Sounds great, huh?  The only problem is that you may only need a couple tablespoons of broth and hate to open a big can/jar/bag of broth for that small an amount and risk the rest of it going bad in the fridge before you get a chance to use it. 

Try this.  The next time you have some leftover broth, pour it into an icecube tray and freeze.  Once frozen, pop the cubes out into a freezer baggie and store.  When you need a couple tablespoons to prep those chopped onions, just toss a cube into the skillet and you're good to go!

I know this seems so basic, but I just thought of it yesterday when I made some broth, stored it in my standard 4 and 6 cup freezer bags and had only a cup leftover.  I hated to waste even a tad bit of it (it smelled so yummy as it was simmering that I was tempted just to drink it!), and the icecube idea came to me.  What do they say?  Necessity is the mother of invention.