Brooding On

Our Glasses: A Sanity Saver

Our glasses, from left to right is oldest to youngest.

This may seem like a weird thing to blog about, but just let me explain.  Yesterday, our family's set of Tervis Tumblers were in the dishwasher at an odd time, and, as a result, we dirtied 11 glasses while these 5 were out of use.  You know the routine:  "Is that my glass?  I'm not sure.  Guess I'll just get another one."

This is not an advertisement for Tervis.  Any glasses that are distinguishable will work.  We've had colored glasses in the past, but we weren't always the same color, so it didn't work right.  If you go with colors, be sure everyone knows his color and sticks with it. 
Now that we have these glasses, there's no question which glass belongs to which person .   The glasses get thrown into the dishwasher once per day but are used continuously throughout the day.  Switching beverages?  Just rinse and refill.

This cuts down on dishes and saves me a little bit of sanity each day.

Oh, and bonus:  Each glass comes with a snap on lid (or lid with straw for Little Boy) to make our glasses road-worthy.  Rather than packing a bunch of drinks in plastic bottles for road trips, we just pack up our Tervises and hit the road! 

In fact, my Mom uses the same system at her house, so if it's to Nana's house we're traveling, we'll just carry our glasses in and use them the whole time we're there.  ;)

Like I said, this is such a simple thing, but it really does save me time and aggravation, so I thought it was worth sharing.  :)  Sometimes it's the little things, you know?

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