Brooding On

Most Spoiled Goat in the Tri-County Area

Meet the most spoiled goat in the tri-county area.
Who me?

Yes, Razz, I'm talking about you.

Last week, I posted a request on Facebook for a baby wipes warmer. Cousin Karen came to the rescue!  Yesterday, she (and adorable Ren) delivered the warmer, and for that Razz and I would like to say Thank You! 

Lately, I've been the one on duty for 5:30am milking.  Also, lately, it's been getting cooler, especially in the early mornings.  Once Razz jumps up on the milking stand, the first thing I do is use a baby wipe to wipe her teats and udder clean before starting to milk.  Now, I imagine that being woken up at 5:30am to have your teats yanked on everyday is unpleasant enough.  But, last week, when it turned cool, I touched her teat with that wipe, and she literally jumped!  Poor thing! 
She's providing us with our milk, yogurt, ice cream, coffee creamer, cheese, soap, and lotion.  It seems that, in thanks for what she does for us, the least we could do is make her milking experience as comfortable as possible.


Now, my hands and her teats will be much more comfortable during those early morning milkings!

By the way, here are all the gals this morning.  To say that they are enjoying the cooler weather would be an understatement.  They just loll about grazing then plop down in a big goat pile like this one and bask in the warming sun.

They really do the weirdest things with those legs.  Doesn't look that comfortable to me, but then I'm not a goat.