Brooding On

Hurricane Isaac Visits Cave City

Here he is, moving in.

I'm not sure how much rain we received thanks to Isaac.  And, honestly, it's hard to rejoice in the much-needed rain, knowing that the same storm that provided it has caused others less fortunate so much damage.

This is really all the "damage" incurred at our house -- some downed tomato plants -- though I know of some local folks who suffered damage a bit more serious.

It was, of course, a problem easily fixed.  (Maybe next year I shouldn't be so cheap and should just invest in some tomato cages.  I've had to resurrect these poles countless times this year because our soil mix is so loose.)

A funny tidbit related to the storm . . .

Girl 2, who is 6-years-old, had been asking so many questions about Hurricane Isaac:
"Is he coming to Cave City?"
"When will he be here?"
"Why is he dumping so much water on us?"
"Where does he get the water?:
"How did he get here?"

It wasn't until she finally got to "Why is he so mad at us?" and "Did he drive here or did he come in an airplane?"that I finally realized she thought we were talking about a person.  ;)  She was thinking that this Isaac sure was a powerful and vengeful fella!  Of course, she played it off like we adults are the silly ones once I'd set her straight:  "That's so silly that they give storms names!"