Brooding On

School Is Back in Session!

Take a look at these little hams!

Aren't they cute in their back-to-school gear?

Yep, today began a new school year for us.  Girls 1 & 2 are now in Grades 3 and 1, respectively.  You know, as a teacher, I can't remember a time in my life when the passage of time wasn't measured by a school calendar.  In that sense, today is like New Year's.  Everything starts fresh today.  It's all so very exciting!  It makes me want to go sharpen all my pencils.  :)

While I have loved having the whole gang home this summer, it has definitely made keeping up with this blog difficult.  As explanation, my three kiddos are very different.  It seemed no one activity could entertain them all.  So, while I would be trying to concentrate for a few minutes and churn out a quick blog post on, say, tomato canning, Girl 1 would be asking me if we can work on her sewing project together, Girl 2 would like a snack, and Little Boy couldn't decide whether he wants to be wrestling with Girl 2 in the floor or squirming around on my lap.  

I figured out pretty early on in the summer that swimming was the common denominator.  They are all three little fish.  But, poolside is not a good place to churn out a blog post.  

While I did manage to publish a post per day throughout the summer, I felt a bit like I was treading water.  It just felt like there was not much new going on around here.  But, things are looking up.  The quieter pace now that the girls are off to school should provide some time (during Little Boy's naptime) when I can write.  And, upcoming goat breeding season, fall gardening, and new recipes that I hope to try out promise some new blog-ground to cover.   

Here's to the New Year!

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