Brooding On

Goat Milk Bounty

For whatever reason, our milk production has not been in line with our milk consumption lately, and I'm up to my ears in cheese, yogurt, and milk. 

Though I hope to be able to sell some of these items in the future, for now I'd just like to give some of this goodness away to whoever might be interested in trying it.

Here's what I can offer this week:

1. Pasteurized Milk-- pure and simple.  Bring me a mason jar or pitcher, and we'll fill you up.  For the benefits of goat milk, check out this past post

2. Plain goat milk yogurt -- this stuff is my weakness.  My favorite breakfast is granola, yogurt, fresh berries, and honey.  Yumm!  Of course, Greek yogurt is a very popular (and expensive) healthy ingredient for making salad dressings and all kinds of things, and this yogurt makes a great substitute in those recipes.

3.  Goat cheese -- the kind I have made right now is spreadable and great on a cracker or broiled atop a sliced garden-fresh tomato or crumbled up in a pasta salad with tomato and basil (I could go on and on).  I have green onion flavor and herbs de provence flavor both available right now (John prefers the onion; I prefer the herb.  That said, you really can't go wrong, they're both great!)

4.  Strawberry frozen yogurt -- this stuff is so good that if you're within driving distance and don't come try some, you're just off your rocker. ;)

Of course, all of this stuff requires constant refrigeration, so it cannot be mailed.  But, if anyone local would like to give some of these great goat products a try, message me or come on over.  You can even meet the goat that provided the goodness, if you'd like.  She's a real sweetheart.  :)