Brooding On

Food Crisis Averted!

Everyday around 9:30am, my kids get a "fruit snack" to tide them over until lunch.  This fruit snack is exactly what it sounds like -- they are free to have whatever type of fruit we have on hand.  Today, though, they started asking for their favorites.
Bananas?  All out.
Grapes?  Finished them yesterday.
Apples?  Sorry.
Peaches?  I'll put them on the grocery list.
Strawberries?  We ate the last ones at breakfast.
Watermelon?  Yes!  Hallelujah, we do have watermelon!

And, so we all ate watermelon.

You see, this past week was Stay-cation around here, and that meant that we all wanted to get to do fun things.  Trip to the grocery store didn't make the list of fun things we wanted to do. 
My kids have finally learned not to whine "I'm starving!" since everytime they do, I remind them that because they ate yesterday and the day before that, they are not starving; they may, however, be hungryStarving is all too real a thing for many and, thus, not a word for us to be loosely throwing around because snack time is a little later than we'd like.  BUT, if we didn't get to the store quickly, it was gonna get that bad! 

Evidence that I played during Stay-cation.  See how little is written on the all-important planner?  See how few horizontal lines are crossing off the things to be done?

For comparison's sake, here's a non-stay-cation week from this summer.  See all the items representing my productivity?  See all the horizontal lines, proving that these things actually got done?

So, today, as John is back at work, we made the requisite grocery run and are now restocked.  And it's not just the humans who are happy about it.

The chickens get to dine on watermelon rind and celery and strawberry tops.

Cocoa Puff gets the chunk at the bottom of the celery (is there a technical term for this?) and the inside pieces.

And, Dexter gets the tortilla left over from lunch while we were out running our errands (I hope John doesn't read this post; he'll hate that he missed out on lunch at our favorite spot!).

I've discovered that in an effort to avoid highly processed foods, fruits have become a go-to food for us.  Perhaps an orchard should be the next thing added to our little homestead, then we can avoid near crises such as these!  ;)