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CrockPot Italian Chicken

Okay, this picture doesn't do this dish justice, so maybe just ignore the photo.  This great-tasting recipe is super easy for two reasons:
1. it's made in the CrockPot
2. It has 4 ingredients total

I have Rachael, a friend and fellow mom in the local mom social group that Little Boy and I attend, to thank for inspiring this great dinner.  Many thanks, Rachael!

Start with a chicken.  Don't be afraid.  Embarrassingly, I didn't know how to properly cut up a whole chicken into the 8 principle cuts: 2 thighs, 2 wings, 2 legs, 2 breasts.  I turned to Google and found this great video.  If you, too, are ill-equipped, no one has to know.  Just check out the link and consider yourself educated.  If you just aren't sure about dealing with the whole bird, you can always just throw in a few chicken breasts, (you weenie!).

Plop your 8 chicken pieces into the CrockPot and cover it with a bottle of your favorite Italian dressing.  If you've got all day to let it cook, cook on low.  If you only have 4 hours or so, cook on high. 
An hour before dinnertime, pick your bones out (there should just be 6, if you've cut it up right) and throw in a block of cream cheese.  I actually used 8 oz. of my homemade goat cheese which easily subs in for ricotta and cream cheese in recipes.

Cook up some rice on the stovetop. 

**For perfect rice everytime, make it Mamaw Carroll style:
Bring water, a dab of oil, and a dab of vinegar to a boil (use plenty of water, you'll be draining it off).  Add rice, bring back to a boil, then reduce heat to a simmer.  Cook for 20 minutes.  Drain.  Rinse.  Drain again. Voila!  Perfect rice!  Everytime!

Serve chicken mixture atop the rice.  Yummmmm!