Brooding On

Why Didn't I Knock on Some Wood?

Some of you may remember this post about how well-behaved our new dog Dexter has been since his arrival.  I mentioned how he has NOT chewed up our shoes, dug in my garden, or frightened the laying chickens.  Ummmm.  Apparently, he was just on his best behavior as he got settled in.

Check out these shoes!  Yep.  He destroyed two pairs of outdoor shoes, mine and John's.  Now, we have revised our system and keep them just inside the back door rather than just outside the door.  Oh, and he buries things in my garden, namely his bone (apparently dogs really do that!).  And, he's taken to frightening the laying chickens to the extent that there are feathers everywhere, and, between the fear and the heat, the 5 chicken-flock has only produced 2 eggs per day for the past 3 days.  We've had to implement a no-eggs-for-breakfast-two-days-in-a-row rule.

And, still, despite all of this.  I think I may be falling for him!  I love the way he just follows me around the yard as I do my chores.  He sits with me in the garden pulling weeds.  He waits patiently in the milking shed as I milk Razz then walks with me back to the house.  And, then, just seeing how much joy he brings Girl 2 as they romp around the yard together is enough all on its own to make me love him.  John walked outside last night and stopped, in shock, "Ashley, you have a dog in your lap!"  He caught me.  We were having a bit of a moment.  :)