Brooding On

There is no better lesson in commitment than the cow.

I'm reading a chick-lit-meets-farming-memoir right now by Kristin Kimball titled The Dirty Life.  It's a good book because it does two things:  it makes me laugh out loud and it rings so true.  Take this section about a cow, for example.  If you sub in "goat" everytime she says "cow," I couldn't agree more!

There is no better lesson in commitment than the cow.  Her udder knows no exceptions or excuses.  She must be milked or she'll suffer from her own fullness and then she'll get sick or dry up.  Morning and evening, on holidays, in good weather and in bad, from the day she gives birth to her calf until the day ten months later when you dry her off, your cow is the frame in which you must fit your days, the twelve-hour tether beyond which you may no longer travel.

And look at this sweet face!  Who wouldn't look forward to seeing it each morning -- even if it is at 5:30AM.  :)

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