Brooding On

Sleeping in the Guest Room

I've never been a violent person.  I've even sent my son to timeout recently for holding his fingers like a gun and pointing them at the cat.  But, I admit, when these dad-gum adolescent roosters finally figured out how to properly crow and began doing so at 4:00am every day, I started graphically envisioning their slaughter day.  Because of the heat, John has them positioned in the yard so that they'll get some shade during the hottest part of the day.   Unfortunately, that shade is provided by our house, specifically, our bedroom.  So, that 4:00am crowing is happening right outside our bedroom window.  We've actually started sleeping in the guest room (again).  But, hopefully, this will all come to an end this weekend. We've ordered the last of the supplies we'll need for butchering day, and, if they arrive in time, we'll be butchering our first round of chickens (definitely including those roosters) Saturday!

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