Brooding On

Araucana: a Stand-out Chicken!

When we first brought home our flock of hens, we had a total of 8, a pair of each of 4 different breeds.  Then, our Araucana's were not my favorites.  Sure, they were pretty enough, but they were very timid.  I much preferred the Australorps that would greet me when I came with treats and let me pet them.  Also, the Araucana's were prone to lay "floor eggs," or eggs laid in places other than the nesting box, which I found annoying. 
Now, that our flock has dwindled to 4, though, the Araucanas have won me over. For one thing, they're both still kickin', which leads me to believe that they are pretty tough and heat-tolerant.  Also, while the other two hens have basically decided to just lay off the laying of eggs during this horrible heat, the Araucanas are still going strong.

It's easy to tell their eggs from the others.  Araucanas are frequently called "Easter-eggers" because of their beautiful blue/green eggs.  Martha Stuart, who really likes this breed herself, even named a paint color after that exquisite shade of blue!
So, if you're in the market for a new chicken breed, this one is definitely worth a look!

Oh, and it's watermelon season around here in the home of the world's sweetest melons!  And, our chickens are loving the opportunity to pick those rinds clean!