Brooding On

Another Member of the Herd

Which of these things doesn't belong?

Apparently Dexter thinks he's a goat.  Let's not tell him otherwise; it'll be our little secret.  I think he'd be so disappointed.

He's small enough to squeeze under the gate separating our backyard from our goat field, so he spends much of the day grazing and napping with the rest of the herd.

(These pics aren't great because they're taken from the kitchen window.  If I go out, Dexter runs to the door to greet me, ruining the goat/dog combo pic.)

Dexter and Razz are apparently having an ongoing battle for Herd Queen.  They love to head-butt one another.  Because Razz is our milker and has her big udders to contend with, she's our slowest moving goat, so Dexter torments her by ducking and bobbing and circling, driving her absolutely crazy!  They do this every morning when the goats are first turned out to the field.  Eventually, they settle down and are friends for the rest of the day.