Brooding On

Help! I've Fallen and I Can't Get Up!

They look so peaceful out in the field, just grazing the day away.  But, don't be fooled! 

Our goats tend to get playful and headbutt one another in the evenings.  The kids know to stay away from them when the goats are playing "king of the rock."  But, because they're such docile animals, I've frequently allowed the kids to visit the goat pen without me.  I'm always within view of the pen, but not always close enough to avert a crisis.  That may have to change.

John is administering a worming treatment this week for the 3 goat kids.  Two of the kids are still a bit skiddish.  In fact, Tuesday morning while the kids and I were out of town, it took John a LONG time to catch Dallas and give him his meds.  So, we decided to tackle it together on Wednesday evening after the kids and I arrived home. 
Let me paint the picture for you:  John, Dexter (our new dog), and I are in the pen with 5 goats, trying to corner Dallas.  Oh, so that you can better picture this . . . I'm in a dress.  You'll see why this matters in a minute. 

Before I even know what's happening, one of the adult goats (Razz, probably) goes after Dexter, and I get caught in the crossfire.  The next thing I know, I hit the ground on my back, feet in the air!  To his credit, John does not just keel over laughing as my dress makes its way to my armpits and, instead, rushes to my aid.  It takes me a minute to get my breath back, but then, I'm okay. 

Two days later, I'm still sporting a pretty good-sized knot on my shin, and my dress may never fully recover from the fall in the goat poo.  But, it definitely could've been worse.  And, I'm so glad it was me rather than one of the kids.
All of that to say, the kids will probably not be unaccompanied in the goat pen anymore.  :)